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BBOUNCE Studio is founded by 2 Singaporean former national swimmers - Joel Tan (Sports Personality & Entrepreneur) and Leslie Kwok (Olympian, Model & Entrepreneur). Altogether, they have more than 20 years of competitive training experience with world-class coaches. Over the years, their fitness experience comprised of unique training techniques amassed from all around the world, extensive knowledge in training methods and comprehensive understanding in the human physiology through their interaction with world-class athletes and renowned fitness coaches.


Joel and Leslie have distilled their training experience to create Hybrid Rebounding, one that produces the fastest results in weight loss, building of core strength, muscle toning, body sculpting, and strength conditioning. Hybrid Rebounding not only instills the fun element in workouts, but also minimizes the risk of sustaining injuries.

“We look forward to sharing our game-changing fitness programs with you to achieve your dream results while having fun along the way!”  BBS 

You can read more on Hybrid Rebounding here.

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