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  1. Book a private class with us for your group gathering or company event. We offer a wide variety of workout class such as; rebounding, flex, slyde-x, box and yoga.

  2. We can also bring the workout to the place of your convenience.

  3. Our classes are unique, fun and low impact!

  4. Highly qualified trainers that are registered with Sport Singapore.

  5. Shower facilities at our studio.

You can book a private class with an instructor of your preference or we can recommend it for you. 


Our signature rebounding class. Jump your way to fun and fitness on our trampoline.


Choose between our lite or signature Hybrid Rebounding™ class.


A total body strength class with heavier weights and music. The focus of the class is hypertrophy and muscle engagement, so prepared to wake up sore.


A low to medium impact workout on a sideboard combined with ur signature hybrid training.


SLYDE-X will train your stability and balance, strengthen the hip and knee joints. 


Our signature boxing class, "Hybrid-Box" is a combination of boxing work and transformative functional interval training. 

T1 Box class is a rhythmic boxing class, focus on boxing skills, drills and endurance boxing workout.

Tone & Sculpt

Tone your body and get in shape with this class. The main goal of this class is to enhance the shape and definition of your muscles. 

These sculp and tone workouts are done with high reps but low weights.


Flow Yoga - A mixture of breath-work and energising movements that incorporates simple flowing sequences to warm up the body, focus on alignment, strength, balance and flexibility. 

Hatha Yoga - A gentle introduction for beginners, aim to achieve harmony and balance in mind, body and spirit.

Tempo Hiit

Get fitter, stronger and improve your general health with this class. A high intensity interval training class that combines good music with interval training.

A good mixture of cardio, bodyweight exercises and resistances training all in one class.

spring hop fitness

Spring Hop Fitness is a floor rebounding programme executed while wearing a jump shoe. It is a relatively low to medium impact exercise and Spring Hop Fitness is influenced and based on BBOUNCE Studio's trademark rebounding programme. 

It is a fun way to stay in shape, burn calories and it has similar benefits to our trampoline - rebounding programe.


  • Please submit private class request at least 3 weeks prior to event date.

  • You may request for instructors of your choice, subjected to availability. 

  • All private class will require a minimum booking of 11pax. If it is less than 11 pax, you will be charged at 11pax rate.  

  • Private class are recommended to be conducted during off-peak hours, else an additional fee will be charged. 

    • Weekday (Peak): 10.30am - 1.00pm / 6.00pm - 9.00pm​

    • Weekend (Peak): 10.30am - 3.00pm

  • Upon booking confirmation from BBOUNCE studio, a deposit of 30% will be required to confirm booking and remaining payment to be paid on the event date.

  • Cancellation Policy: Class cancellation with less than 1 week notice prior to event date; deposit fee will not be refunded.

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Book your Private Class here! 

Thank you for request!

We will respond within 1-2 working days.

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